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Common Types of Scams

Forex Scams

The forex market is one of the most famous and also the world’s largest trading markets with daily trades touching $5 trillion. It is obvious for such a huge market to attract scammers. These scam brokers pretend to be from legitimate brokerage firms and convince the customers into investing in the scam. If the victim is new to the market, they will realize the scam only after they have lost a lot of money.

Cryptocurrency Scams

With the growing market of cryptocurrency, it’s of no surprise that scammers have started targeting the cryptocurrency market too. In such cases, the scammers either make up their own firms and advertise their crypto coins or make a clone of an already established company in order to trick the public. However, one of the upper hands that we have in a cryptocurrency scam is that people often use modes of payment such as wire transfer, cards, etc. and this will help us in recovering the money quickly as the bank is involved.

Other Scams

The above-discussed scams were only some of the most common. You might have noticed a variety of spam emails asking you to invest some money in exchange for a big prize. They will explain it to you stating you have won a lucky draw and for the prize to be shipped to your house you would have to deal with some legal issues that need money. Without even giving it a thought, many innocent people fall into such traps and end up losing a lot of money.


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